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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Pac in Your Trash (20) - Chomp every container in any level.
Cyli Luck (20) - Complete any Cyli Hover Board level without losing a life.
Rockin'! (20) - Defeat 5 Stone Monsters as Granite Ball Pac.
Spiral-ing In Control (20) - Complete any Spiral Cherry Copter level without losing a life.
Chatter Pac (30) - Talk to each of Pac's friends between levels at least once.
Everybody Chill (30) - Freeze 100 enemies with Ice Pac's Special attack.
Magnetic Personality (40) - Attract and chomp 100 enemies using Metal Pac's magnet tongue.
Life is Good! (40) - Get the number of Pac's Lives up to 50.
Maze High (Score) (40) - Beat the high score on all Pacopolis (Chapter 1) levels.
Rocket-Man (40) - Complete the Lemon Rocket level without losing a life.
Six Pac (40) - End a level with six Health (Hearts).
Lava Level Master (40) - Beat the high score on all Netherworld (Chapter 5) levels.
High in the Sky (40) - Beat the high score on all Space (Chapter 3) levels.
Challenge Schmalenge (40) - Successfully complete all Betrayus Challenges at least once.
Dots Incredible! (40) - Grab 200 Pac Pellets in a single level.
Getting to Know You (40) - Read the bios for each of Pac's friends between levels.
Bursting Bubbles (40) - Beat the high score on all Paclantis (Chapter 2) levels.
High Time (Travel) (40) - Beat the high score on all Prehistoric Pac-World (Chapter 4) levels.
Gotta Bounce! (40) - Stun 100 enemies with Rubber Pac's Special attack.
Fireball-istic (40) - Stun 100 enemies with Fire Pac's Special attack.
Pac-Man Fever (60) - Visit every Arcade Zone in the game.
Gold Medalist (60) - Win a Gold Medal on every level.
BOO! (60) - Defeat 200 Blue (Scared) Ghosts.
Pac-ed with Skill (60) - Complete the Tutorial and all of the Berry Challenges.
Pac-ing in the Prizes (60) - Get the Pac Prize score bonus at least once on every level.
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