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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Pope's Payback (50) - Help Pope destroy dormant Mech units in the "Planned Obsolescence" mission.
Not Too Shabby (50) - Learn how to make medium armor in the Workshop.
House Call (50) - Rescue the doctor in the "Medical Emergency" mission.
High Class (50) - Reach level 10 with all unit classes.
Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb (50) - Deactivate the Espheni bombs in the "Defuse the Situation" mission.
Strength in Numbers (50) - Maximize your squad and roster size by unlocking all of the available slots.
Unlock Your Potential (50) - Learn how to train elite soldiers in the Armory.
Toxic Avenger (50) - Collect the toxic waste in the "Fighting Dirty" mission.
There Are Four Lights (50) - Put all of the devices in the water in the "Deploy the Buoys" mission.
Healing Hands (50) - Unlock Field Medic Training.
Harbormaster (50) - Defeat all of the enemies in the "Shipyard Slaughter" mission.
Chaos Theory (50) - Learn how to craft the Chaotic Scrambler in the Workshop.
Arms Race (50) - Create all of the Volm weapons in the Workshop.
Among the Elite (50) - Send a solider of each class into elite training.
Checkmate (50) - Defeat Mech-Leg to claim victory over the Espheni in the final story mission.
Don't Die on Me (50) - Learn how to create defibrillators in the Infirmary.
Got the Munchies (50) - Collect the food supplies in the "Scrounging for Scraps" mission.
Firestarter (50) - Start manufacturing the Incendiary Rocket and Incendiary Shells.
Essential Maintenance (50) - Clear out the air vents in the "Crawly Crematorium" mission.
Allied Assault (50) - Assist your allies in breaking through the barrier in the "Allied Assault" mission.
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