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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Cheat Codes
Hold [C] on the Nunchuck to look around the main screen using the pointer. After typing the profile name in the right slot, switch back to your own profile by using the D-Pad [Up]/[Down]. To disable a cheat select the profile and add/delete one character.

ZOOM - Activates Zoom Mode ([B]+[Up] or [B]+[Down]).br> NO MUSIC - Disables the in-game music.
TOO HARD FOR ME - Easy Mode - more lives, more time, less obstacles.
END - Enables access to the Credits in the Help Screen.
SUPERMAN - Fanatsy Me becomes invincible.
JAPAN IS COOL - No obstacles - All sectors are in Japan-Fantasy.
FANTASY CHIPS - Unlocks all Fantasy Chips in the Pause Menu.
BPLUS - Unlocks all FANTASY MEs.

Unlock Time Diamond Bonuses
All 9 Fantasies can be selected and unlock FM-Helicopter and FM-Baseball - Collect 160 Time Diamonds.
Get your FM-Astronaut and FM-Butterfly back and unlock FM-Car and FM-Ladybug - Collect 20 Time Diamonds.
Unlock Cuddly World Fantasy Chip and unlock FM-Egg - Collect 100 Time Diamonds.
Unlock Fancyless in Space and Memory Fantasy Chips and unlock FM-Pocket lamp - Collect 60 Time Diamonds.
Unlock Fruity Smile Fantasy Chip and unlock FM-Rain cloud - Collect 80 Time Diamonds.
Unlock Haunted Wood Fantasy Chip and unlock FM-SchneeLeLi - Collect 120 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-Star and FM-Stylus - Collect 50 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-UFO - Collect 70 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-Fan and FM-Knight - Collect 40 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-Fish and FM-Skull - Collect 180 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-Butterfly 2 - Collect 110 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-Dice - Collect 90 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-Family car and FM-Soother - Collect 170 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-Football and FM-Blossom - Collect 30 Time Diamonds.
Unlock FM-Paint brush - Collect 130 Time Diamonds.
Unlock JAPAN-Fantasy Chip - Collect 8 Time Diamonds.
Unlock ZeLeLi Plate in the Time Diamond menu (Disappears after getting your 14th Time Diamond) - Collect 13 Time Diamonds.
Unlock Playroom Fantasy Chip and unlock FM-Kubi and FM-Spinner - Collect 150 Time Diamonds.
Unlock Underwater Fantasy Chip and unlock FM-Rocket and FM-Robot - Collect 140 Time Diamonds.
Unlock ZeLeLi space ship1 and ZeLeLi space ship2 - Collect 190 Time Diamonds.
Your staring FantasyMEs (FM-Astronaut and FM-Butterfly) disappear (you keep playing as the one you selected before getting the 12th Time Diamond) - Collect 12 Time Diamonds.
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