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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Ankle Twister (Bronze) - Fall through holes 100 times.
Head Banger (Bronze) - Hit your head on ceilings 30 times.
Tunnel Digger (Bronze) - Walk through arches 50 times.
Custom Crafter (Bronze) - Upload five custom levels.
Goal Tender (Bronze) - Reveal 100 goal points.
Big Bouncer (Bronze) - Jump 100 times.
Avid Walker (Bronze) - Take 10,000 steps.
Sticker Sticker (Silver) - Affix 100 rating stickers.
Art Collector (Silver) - Collect every piece of shadow art.
Light and Shadow Journeyman (Silver) - Finish all Play Mode levels in two game modes.
Light and Shadow Apprentice (Silver) - Finish all Play Mode levels in one game mode.
Light and Shadow Master (Gold) - Finish all Play Mode levels in all three game modes.
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