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Unlock Trophies
Pirate King (Bronze) - Open 50 Aifread treasure box.
Radio (Bronze) - View all 220 skits.
Rare Monster Professor (Bronze) - Defeat 75 rare monsters.
Peta Treasureman (Bronze) - Open 800 white bags.
Accessory Shop VIP (Bronze) - Accessory Shop at level 100.
Item Shop VIP (Bronze) - Item Shop at level 100.
Jet Black Wings (Bronze) - Exchange 459 Black feathers.
Mentalist (Bronze) - AI uses 400 items automatically.
Representative of Link Arte (Bronze) - Use 1350 link artes.
Skillful Binding (Bronze) - Link with Milla. Binds 150 enemies by stunning them.
Tipo Master (Bronze) - Turn Tipo on and off 150 times in battle by pressing L3 while controlling Elise.
Tuning Master (Bronze) - Use Rowen and manipulate 150 spells in battle.
Weapon Shop VIP (Bronze) - Weapon Shop at level 100.
Staff Artes Master (Bronze) - Extends Leia's staff length by using backstep during enemy attack.
Spirit Artes of the Iron Wall (Bronze) - Link with Rowen. Use Auto Magic Guard 150 times. Rowen will activate it as long as enemy cast a spell either on him or you.
Skillful Restore (Bronze) - Link with Jude. Once Jude restores you 150 times after you have been down by an attack.
Spirit Artes Master (Bronze) - Use Milla to cast 150 spells in battle.
Item Crazy (Bronze) - Own 700 different types of items (incl Armor, Weapons etc).
Monster Doctor (Bronze) - Seen all 275 monsters.
Great Comboist (Bronze) - Obtain at least 100 combo hit.
Can't Leave Them Unopened (Bronze) - Open 300 chests.
Chain Wanderer (Bronze) - Performed 450 chain link artes during overlimit.
Breaker (Bronze) - Link with Alvin. Break 150 enemy guards.
Beast-Hunting Knight (Bronze) - Participate in 800 battles.
Amazing Chef (Bronze) - Battle 800 times with food consumed.
Amazing Snatcher (Bronze) - Link with Leia. Steals 150 items whiile the enemy is downed.
Armor Shop VIP (Bronze) - Armor Shop at level 100.
Charge Master (Bronze) - Use Alvin's charge 150 times in battle. Press the Arte button after using an arte.
Brutal (Bronze) - Kill 1350 enemies using their weakness.
Cooking Shop VIP (Bronze) - Cooking Shop at level 100.
Concentrate Evasion Master (Bronze) - Use Jude's Concentrate Evasion 150 times in battle. Backstep during an enemy attack.
Drain Magic (Bronze) - Link with Elise. Use Tipo Drain 150 times. Easiest to active if enemy is thrown up in the air.
Strongest Mercenary (Silver) - Alvin at level 99 with all skills mastered.
Genius Tactician (Silver) - Rowen at level 99 with all skills mastered.
Pro Spirit Magician (Silver) - Elise at level 99 with all skills mastered.
Folklore Disciple (Silver) - Leia at level 99 with all skills mastered.
One Who Can Feel Liese Maxia (Silver) - Complete Chapter 3 of either story.
Spirit Master (Silver) - Milla at level 99 with all skills mastered.
One Who Goes to Liese Maxia (Silver) - Complete Chapter 2 of either story.
One Who Knows of Liese Maxia (Silver) - Complete Chapter 1 of either story.
Best Sub Events (Silver) - Complete at least 90 of 102 subquest throughout your run.
Black Belt Kenpo User (Silver) - Jude at level 99 with all skills mastered.
The Strongest On Earth (Gold) - Defeat the Golden Swordsman in Magna Zero (Bonus Dungeon).
The One Who Overcame For Her Unwavering Convictions (Gold) - Complete Milla's Story.
The One Who Fought For His Unwavering Convictions (Gold) - Complete Jude's Story.
Xillia Master (Platinum) - Obtained all other trophies.

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