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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Speed Runner III (Bronze) - Beat the game in under 45 minutes.
Speed Runner II (Bronze) - Beat the 'Into The Abyss' level in under 5 minutes.
Speed Runner I (Bronze) - Beat 'The Eight Pages' level in under 5 minutes.
Tangled (Bronze) - Get ensnared by Slender Man's tenticles.
The Collector I (Bronze) - Find all numbered letters.
Why Am I Playing This Game? (secret) (Bronze) - Exceed 50 failed pause attempts.
Well At Least You Tried (secret) (Bronze) - Die in the 'Into the Abyss' level 3 times in a row.
Walking Simulator (Bronze) - Surpass 10 000 total steps taken.
Retro Fan (Bronze) - Beat the Genesis level on "Hardcore" difficulty.
Master Pianist (Bronze) - Play the piano until the first notes from "No Friends" is played.
Fire Proof (Bronze) - Make it through the forest fire without catching on fire once.
Fearless Fun (secret) (Bronze) - Riding a Slide in a Horror Game.
Fearless (Bronze) - Beat the game on "Hardcore" difficulty.
Get Me Out of Here! (secret) (Bronze) - Exceed 10 failed pause attempts.
I Love Radio (Bronze) - Listen to all of the radio tracks in the house.
Insta-Killed (secret) (Bronze) - We're sorry about that... Here's a cookie!
I'm Free! (Bronze) - Beat the game on normal difficulty.
I'll just take this..I guess? (secret) (Bronze) - Pick up an oversized sign and somehow manage to fit it in your scrapbook.
Cry Baby (Bronze) - Disrupt Charlie while he's crying at least 3 times.
The Collector II (Silver) - Find all scrapbook items.
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