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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Rookie (Bronze) - Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.
Safe Driver (Bronze) - Cruise for 2 minutes straight without damaging your car.
Sharpshooter (Bronze) - Shoot out a cop's tires while fleeing in a police chase.
Slight Silver (Bronze) - Achieve 5 Silver Stat Awards.
Officer (Bronze) - Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.
North Point Scavenger (Bronze) - Unlock every lockbox in North Point.
Kleptomaniac (Bronze) - Hijack 5 trucks and collect their cargo.
Man Around Town (Bronze) - Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point.
Martial Law (Bronze) - Defeat all 4 Martial Arts Clubs
Minor Face (Bronze) - Achieve Face Level 2.
Spiritual Healing (Bronze) - Pray at all of the Health Shrines.
Strike Gold (Bronze) - Achieve 1 Gold Stat Award.
Ultimate Fighter (Bronze) - Unlock ten Triad Upgrades.
Wei of the Road (Bronze) - Complete all Street Races.
West End Scavenger (Bronze) - Unlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen.
Whatever's Handy (Bronze) - Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies.
Tourist (Bronze) - Win a bet on a cockfight.
That'll Show 'em (Bronze) - Complete Payback.
Stuntman (Bronze) - Successfully perform an action hijack.
Substantial Silver (Bronze) - Achieve 15 Silver Stat Awards.
Super Cop (Bronze) - Unlock ten Cop Upgrades.
Take A Bite Out Of Crime (Bronze) - Complete a Case.
Infowlable (Bronze) - Win 50,000 on a single cockfight.
Karaoke Superstar (Bronze) - Achieving 90% and above for all songs at the Karaoke Bars in HK.
Event Planner (Bronze) - Complete all of the open world Events.
Fashion Statement (Bronze) - Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store.
In With the Gang (Bronze) - Complete Night Market Chase.
Foodie (Bronze) - Try 10 different foods or drinks.
Event Driven (Bronze) - Complete half of the open world events.
Environmentalist (Bronze) - Perform 5 unique environmental kills.
A Slap in the Face (Bronze) - Kill someone with a fish.
Auto Enthusiast (Bronze) - Purchase all vehicles.
Bounty Hunter (Bronze) - Complete all of Roland's Jobs.
Central Scavenger (Bronze) - Unlock every lockbox in Central.
Gadgetman (Bronze) - Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe, and take over a spy camera.
Fashion Victim (Bronze) - Purchase all clothing.
Great Face (Bronze) - Achieve Face Level 10.
Gaining Face (Bronze) - Achieve Face Level 5.
Gun Nut (Bronze) - Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies.
Gold Rush (Bronze) - Achieve 5 Gold Stat Awards.
Hong Kong Super Hacker (Bronze) - Hack every Security Camera in the game.
A Big Betrayal (Silver) - Complete Dockyard Heist.
Case Closed (Silver) - Complete all cases.
Big Smiles All Around (Silver) - Complete Big Smile Lee.
Detective (Silver) - Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.
Solid Silver (Silver) - Achieve 30 Silver Stat Awards.
Mr. Nice Guy (Silver) - Complete all Favors.
Golden Touch (Silver) - Achieve 15 Gold Stat Awards.
Chief Inspector (Gold) - Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.
Pure Gold (Gold) - Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards.
Hong Kong Legend (Platinum) - Earn all the Sleeping Dogs™ trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.

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