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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Peerless Perambulator (Bronze) - Powered up the third generator.
Nuclear Nooby (Bronze) - Picked up the IDS device.
Still Alive (Bronze) - Made it through every level at least once without dying.
Symmetrical Sojourner (Bronze) - Powered up the second generator.
Well, look what you found there (Bronze) - Picked up your first Collectible.
Testing the Fences (Bronze) - Break 20 panes of glass.
In less than 12 parsecs (Bronze) - Achieved Goal Time on all maps.
Honor Student (Bronze) - Achieved Shifts Goal on all maps.
Big Meanie (Bronze) - Knocked Ike over with an object.
Art Major (Bronze) - View your portrait in all dimensions.
Did a Thing! (Bronze) - Used the 'Do A Thing' menu item.
Dimensional Drifter (Bronze) - Powered up the first generator.
Explorer of All Roads (Bronze) - Solved 'Choose Wisely' by choosing each battery first.
Ah, finally some peace and quiet (Silver) - Collected all Collectibles.
Extraordinaire Extrapolator (Gold) - Powered up the Uber-IDS.

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