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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Sorting Hat (secret) (Bronze) - Finished professor Myer's trials.
Super Saiyan (Bronze) - Used an ability that requires level 5 gather.
Secret (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated the monster living in Teusa.
Sanctuary (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated the Crab at the sanctuary.
Last bounty (secret) (Bronze) - Helped the bounty hunter to retrieve his treasure.
Novice (Bronze) - Won 100 battles.
Tarantella (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated the bakery chef.
There's no hope (Bronze) - Gave up on hope and sacrificed yourself for a better future for your friends.
Who framed Roger Rabbit? (secret) (Bronze) - Helped a hunter in his rabbit hunt.
You're gonna hear me roar (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Ryan the lion.
While there's life, there's hope (Bronze) - Did not give up on hope and fought for a better future.
We've got power (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Sasheer.
Trish Trash Polka (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated the Metal Robot at Timpo factory.
It's the final countdown (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Bethina.
Music to my ears (secret) (Bronze) - Unlocked the sound test.
Control (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Cliboe.
Guardian (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated the cave guardian.
Boris the spider (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated the giant spider.
Blind Guardian (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated the Ludon excavation guardian.
Acolyte (Bronze) - Enriched your knowledge by doing tutorials.
Heart of Steel (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Ironhart.
Here comes a new challenger (Bronze) - Won your first battle.
If you don't know me by now (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Kleoneo.
It isn't a dream? (secret) (Bronze) - Solve the puzzle in Alina's dream on your first attempt.
Paralell dimension (secret) (Silver) - Discovered a fragment of another world in yours.
Where did I put it? (Silver) - Found all master keys.
Combo nerd (Silver) - Won 300 battles.
Nerves of steel (secret) (Silver) - Mastered the slippery game.
One ring to rule (secret) (Silver) - Completed Arburus side-quest.
Shop-a-holic (Silver) - Bought all items available in the shops.
It's a kind of magic (Silver) - Found all spells that can be learned.
A blast process (secret) (Silver) - Found all Mega Drive cartridges.
Indiana Hoston (Gold) - Collected all the treasures from all chests.
That's Tim's way! (Gold) - Completed the game fighting only the mandatory battles.
I'm the god of war (Gold) - Won 600 battles.
I want it all (Gold) - Equipped the best possible items on your characters.
That's slippery (secret) (Gold) - Became a slippery game god.
A long hard road (Platinum) - Received all trophies.
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