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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Rambler (secret) (Bronze) - Travel a total of 50,000m.
Prologue Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish the prologue.
Rivals (secret) (Bronze) - Finish all boss quests.
Rookie No More (Bronze) - Have 5,000 pirate points in possession.
Self-Sufficient (secret) (Bronze) - Harvest 30 times in the garden.
Power of Words (secret) (Bronze) - Power up 100 strong words.
Panacea Maker (secret) (Bronze) - Perform Chopper's Create Remedy 50 times.
Made of Rubber (secret) (Bronze) - Perform Luffy's Deflect 100 times.
Apothecary (secret) (Bronze) - Craft 100 items at the pharmacy.
Miracle Comeback (secret) (Bronze) - Perform your characters' special skills a total of 100 times.
Money Maker (secret) (Bronze) - Earn 50,000 Beli from the museum.
Mornin'! (Bronze) - Say hello to townspeople 300 times.
Speed King (Bronze) - Finish the "Proud Pirate Crew" quest in 6 minutes or less.
Speed Queen (Bronze) - Finish the "Strongest in the World" quest in 6 minutes or less.
The Sword Master (secret) (Bronze) - Perform Zoro's Cut Off 100 times.
The Soul King (secret) (Bronze) - Perform Brook's New World skill 50 times.
Well-Off (Bronze) - Have 100,000 Beli in possession.
You Heard Me!! (secret) (Bronze) - Complete an expansion.
Yummmmmm (secret) (Bronze) - Eat 100 dishes from the restaurant.
The Shipwright (secret) (Bronze) - Build 50 cannons with Franky's Place Cannon skill.
The Master Chef (secret) (Bronze) - Perform Sanji's Cookstrike 50 times.
Speedster (Bronze) - Finish the "Beyond the Strongest" quest in 3 minutes or less.
The Archaeologist (secret) (Bronze) - Get 30 items using Robin's Read Tablet skill.
The Cat Burglar (secret) (Bronze) - Steal items or Beli 100 times with Nami.
The King of Snipers (secret) (Bronze) - Land 200 attacks with Usopp in Sniper Mode.
Insect-Catching Phenom (secret) (Bronze) - Catch 13 types of insect.
Jackpot! (Bronze) - Complete 10 scratch cards.
Episode 7 Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish Episode 7.
I'll Take You All On! (secret) (Bronze) - Defeat a total of 5,000 enemies.
Episode 8 Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish Episode 8.
Declaration of War (secret) (Bronze) - Use Fire Bird Star to hit the World Government flag in Enies Lobby.
Episode 6 Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish Episode 6.
Episode 5 Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish Episode 5.
Episode 1 Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish Episode 1.
Episode 2 Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish Episode 2.
Episode 3 Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish Episode 3.
Episode 4 Complete (secret) (Bronze) - Finish Episode 4.
Communicator (Bronze) - Complete a strong voice sequence.
Fishing Master (secret) (Bronze) - Catch 14 types of fish.
High Flyer (Bronze) - Use Gum Gum Rocket 500 times.
Budding Development (secret) (Bronze) - Complete 15 expansions.
Artisan (secret) (Bronze) - Develop 100 items at the factory.
Height of Piracy (secret) (Bronze) - Finish the Difficult Main Story.
Good Timing (Bronze) - Perform an action correctly.
Eagle Eye for Items (secret) (Bronze) - Break 300 crates.
Friends on My Side (Bronze) - Finish a quest in multiplayer mode.
Chatterbox (secret) (Silver) - Complete 300 strong voice sequences.
Champion (Silver) - Finish the Battle Coliseum.
Build Master (secret) (Silver) - Finish all expansions.
Rogues Gallery (Silver) - Complete the full Character Gallery.
Helpful Neighbor (Silver) - Finish 60 quests.
Final Episode Complete (secret) (Silver) - Finish the final episode.
Nature Lover (secret) (Silver) - Complete a full insect and fish collection.
Fruits of Training (Silver) - Reach level 50 for any character.
Quote Keeper (Silver) - Complete the full Word Gallery.
Latent Ability (Gold) - Reach level 40 for all characters.
I Will Be Pirate King! (Platinum) - Earn all voyages.
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