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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
The perfect combo (Bronze) - Get 10 Perfect Moves in a row in any song.
A New Challenger Appears (Bronze) - Beat 1 Challenge.
Low Profiling (Bronze) - Check out your friends Dancer Profile.
Level Headed (Bronze) - Reach Online level 2,000.
Just starting out... (Bronze) - Complete a 3 Dancer song with 3 or more players.
Variety Act (Bronze) - Dance one song of these map types: 1, 2, 3 and 4 coaches.
Just Dance Warm-up (Bronze) - Get 3 stars on 5 different songs.
The definition of 'Insanity' (Bronze) - Dance 'You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)' 3 times in a row.
NAILED it! (Bronze) - Get 5 stars on a song.
Social Butterfly (Bronze) - Dance with 10 different players on World Dance Floor.
Solid Gold Performance (Bronze) - Perform all Gold Moves in a song (No Mash-Ups).
Re-Re-Re-REMIX! (Bronze) - Dance one Community Remix.
Power Playlist (Bronze) - Play a 40 minute playlist.
The Dynamic Duo (Bronze) - On a song with 2 Dancers get 5 stars on both dancers.
Perfect Finish! (Bronze) - Get a Perfect on the last move of a song (No Mash-Ups).
Star Struck (Bronze) - Dance 1 song with a VIP on World Dance Floor.
Weekend Warrior (Bronze) - Dance 1 song on the World Dance Floor on a Saturday between 6pm and Midnight.
Come at me! (Bronze) - Send 1 Challenge.
Competitive Spirit (Bronze) - Finish 1st in a World Dance Floor Party.
Bring on the wall! (Bronze) - Access the JD Wall and see what's going on in Just Dance® 2015.
Bring it on! (Bronze) - Send 10 Challenges.
All your dance are belong to us! (Bronze) - Get 5 stars on 'Holding Out for a Hero.'.
You've got a friend in me... (Bronze) - Finish 5 songs with 2 or more players dancing.
Dance Crew (Bronze) - Get 3 stars with all 4 players on any song with 4 Dancers.
Dance with the World! (Bronze) - Dance 1 song on World Dance Floor.
Funky Four! (Bronze) - Get 5 stars with all 4 players on any song with 4 Dancers.
Gonna make you Sweat! (Bronze) - Play a playlist with Kcal tracking toggled on.
You're GOLD, Gold! (Bronze) - Perform all Gold Moves in 5 songs (No Mash-Ups).
Forever alone (Bronze) - Dance to a 2 Dancer song on your own.
First purchase! (Bronze) - Spend 10 Mojo.
Welcome to Just Dance® 2015! (Bronze) - Complete your first song.
Finding your feet (Bronze) - Get 3 stars on a song.
Take all comers (Silver) - Send 100 Challenges.
Loaded! (Silver) - Spend 50 Mojo.
Living on the Dance floor (Silver) - Dance 20 songs on World Dance Floor.
It's all Good! (Silver) - Perform only Good Moves or better in a song (No Mash-Ups).
Got those moves like Jagger (Silver) - Complete a song with 90% or more Perfect moves (No Mash-Ups).
Born to Perform (Silver) - Get 5 stars on 5 different songs.
Star Chaser (Silver) - Dance 10 songs with a VIP on World Dance Floor.
Make it RAIN! (Silver) - Spend 200 Mojo.
Out of this world! (Silver) - Get 3 stars on all songs (No Alternate versions or Mash-Ups).
Party Animal! (Silver) - Finish 20 songs with 2 or more players dancing.
I Want It ALL! (Gold) - Unlock all Avatars and Mash-Ups (No DLC or Uplay).
The Social Network (Gold) - Dance with 100 different players on World Dance Floor.
The ULTIMATE Just Dance fan (Gold) - Get 5 stars on all Songs (No Alternate versions or Mash-Ups).
Just Dance Master (Platinum) - Obtain all other trophies.
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