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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Seasoned Veteran (Bronze) - Play every game mode at least once.
Tactics (Bronze) - Get a Silver rank on any Campaign mission.
Grenadier (Bronze) - Get 20 kills with the Grenade Launcher unit.
Nice Shot (Bronze) - Watch a Kill Cam replay.
Noob No More (Bronze) - Win your first Instant Skirmish match.
Right Man for the Job (Bronze) - Complete the first Campaign mission.
Rocketman (Bronze) - Get 20 kills with the Rocket Launcher unit.
First Blood (Bronze) - Win a multiplayer match.
Go Commando (Bronze) - Make a kill with the Commando unit.
Devastating (Bronze) - Make a kill with the Devastator unit.
This is My Rifle (Bronze) - Get 20 kills with the Sniper unit.
Thoughtful Killer (Bronze) - Complete both Tutorials.
Brrrappp! (Bronze) - Get 20 kills with the Machine Gun unit.
Double 11 (Bronze) - Play the game at either 11:11 am or 11:11 pm.
Digital Thug (Bronze) - Kill 25 enemy units in Multiplayer.
Close Combat (Bronze) - Get 20 kills with the Shotgun unit.
Sniper Wolf (Silver) - In a match kill 3 enemy units with 1 Sniper unit.
Splatforms (Silver) - Kill 3 enemy units with 1 explosion.
Pinball Wizard (Silver) - Kill an enemy unit by bouncing a grenade off a wall.
Networked Assassin (Silver) - Kill 50 enemy units in multiplayer.
Master Tactician (Silver) - Win a multiplayer match without losing a single unit.
Charon's Palm (Silver) - Get a Gold rank on any Campaign mission.
I See You! (Silver) - Have 3 or more enemy units visible in a match with visibilty set to 'Dark'.
Data Mining (Gold) - In the Campaign extract all of the collectables in any Extraction mission.
Hero (Gold) - With 1 unit wipe out an entire enemy team of 4 or more units.
Binary Hitman (Gold) - Kill 100 enemy units in Multiplayer.
Optimal Prime (Gold) - Win an Instant Skirmish match in 1 turn.
Not On My Watch! (Gold) - Complete Nashar: Extraction with both bodyguards alive.
Ouroboros (Gold) - Complete the campaign.
Prime Directive (Platinum) - Earn all of the other trophies.
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