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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
I Like The Way You Dance (Bronze) - Rate a video or snapshot highlight in the Community Gallery.
Hot Streak (Bronze) - The same player wins 5 Party rounds without losing any at all.
Get Sweaty (Bronze) - Perform a Dance Workout.
Fresh New Moves (Bronze) - Play a Creator Routine.
It Takes Two (Bronze) - Play your first Dance Partners routine.
Party Time! (Bronze) - Play a 5-round Party.
Social Networking (Bronze) - Share a video or snapshot highlight with Facebook or Twitter.
Saving The Day (Bronze) - Save 20 highlights.
Raise The Roof (Bronze) - Get at least a 'Cool Singing' rating in 5 performances.
Exclusive Footage (Bronze) - Upload a video or snapshot highlight to the Community Gallery.
Hi-Five! (Bronze) - Get 5 hi-scores.
Beginner Class (Bronze) - Get a 5-star rating on every section of a Beginner routine in Dance Class.
Centre Stage (Bronze) - Play your first Solo Dance.
Choreographer (Bronze) - Create a Solo Dancer routine.
Dance-Off (Bronze) - Play your first Dance Battle.
Advanced Class (Bronze) - Get a 5-star rating on every section of an Intermediate routine in Dance Class.
Dance Made For Two (Bronze) - Create a Dance Partners routine.
Dance Starter (Bronze) - Get a 5-star rating on a Beginner, normal length routine.
Chart Buster! (Silver) - Get 40 hi-scores.
Pitch Perfect (Silver) - Get a 'Flawless Singing' rating in 10 performances.
Top Of The Class (Silver) - Get a 5-star rating on every section of a Professional routine in Dance Class.
Tour De Dance (Silver) - Play 15 dances in one game session.
Never Dropped A Beat (Silver) - Achieve a 70-move streak in any routine (excludes Creator Routines).
Feel The Burn (Silver) - Perform 10 Dance Workouts.
Learn With Friends (Silver) - Get a 5-star rating on every section of a Dance Partners routine in Dance Class.
24 Round Party People (Silver) - Play 24 Party rounds in total.
Keep On Moving (Silver) - Play 50 dances.
Dance Champion (Silver) - Get a 5-star rating on 5 Intermediate, normal length routines.
Two Against The World (Gold) - Get a 5-star rating on 10 Dance Partners, normal length routines (excludes Creator Routines).
Feet Of Fire (Gold) - Dance for 10 hours in total.
Dance Deity (Gold) - Get a 5-star rating on 10 Professional, normal length routines.
Self Improvement (Gold) - Burn at least 200 kcals a week for a month.
Unstoppable Groove (Gold) - Score 100,000 on a Professional routine.
The Dance Never Ends... (Platinum) - Unlock all other trophies.
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