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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Practical Exam 2 (Bronze) - Submit to Practical Exam 2.
Practically-Minded (Bronze) - Take Practical Exam 1.
Philanthropist (Bronze) - Donate in the Clinic.
Panini Press (secret) (Bronze) - Succeed in Drive to Panini.
Mashlenia Unchained (secret) (Bronze) - Liberate Mashlenia.
Prolific Creator (Bronze) - Create One or More Students of Every Race.
Savings Plan (Bronze) - Amass 100,000G.
Yamhath Both (secret) (Bronze) - Retake Yamhath.
Student ID Card (Bronze) - Complete Crostini Academy Campus Tour.
Smooth Talker (secret) (Bronze) - Save the Hostages.
School Spirit (Bronze) - Participate in Sports Festival.
Lovely Bruschetta (secret) (Bronze) - Arrive at Bruschetta Academy.
Monster Masher (Bronze) - Kill 500 Monsters.
Lanzlet Liberation (secret) (Bronze) - Retake Lanzlet.
Great Beginnings (Bronze) - Explore all of Beginner's Brush.
Hands Across the Abyss (Bronze) - Use a Party Attack.
Kung Fu Grip (Bronze) - Participate in Martial Arts Tournament.
Culture Club (Bronze) - Participate in the Culture Festival.
Coppa's Angels (Bronze) - Clear up Coppa's Issues.
Baptized in Blood (Bronze) - Experience Being Mostly Dead.
World Liberator (secret) (Silver) - Take Payne Out and Save the World.
Treasure Hunter (Silver) - Open Every Treasure Chest.
Class Master (Silver) - Create a Student in Every Class.
Major Miser (Silver) - Amass 1,000,000G.
Junior Explorer (Silver) - Explore at least 50% of Tohath Labyrinth.
Point Meister (secret) (Silver) - Assign More Than 40 Bonus Points (BP).
Monster Hound (Silver) - Kill 10,000 Monsters.
NPC Invitation (secret) (Silver) - Bring an NPC into a Exploration Party.
Otherside (secret) (Silver) - Visit the Other World.
Lord of the Hoard (Silver) - Collect More Than 500 Items.
Meat Grinder (secret) (Gold) - Obliterate 50,000 Monsters.
Trancendent (secret) (Gold) - Challenge a God and Win.
All Clear (secret) (Gold) - Clear Additional Quests & Defeat Boss on 10th Floor of the Dark Gate.
There and Back Again (secret) (Gold) - Experience Reincarnation.
Labyrinth Master (secret) (Gold) - Explore All Labyrinths Completely.
School Champion (Platinum) - Completed all school trophies.
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