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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Scrapyard Trophy (Bronze) - Complete your first serious competition.
Revenge (Bronze) - Defeat the boss.
Rat-at-at (Bronze) - Destroy 50 cars with the autogun.
Killjoy (Bronze) - Overtake the leader a second before the finish.
Snip-snip (Bronze) - Destroy 40 cars with the saw.
That's Not Gonna Stop Me! (Bronze) - Drop a slime while in the lead.
X-1 (Bronze) - Break the sound barrier.
Wub-wub (Bronze) - Destroy 20 cars with a soundwave.
Try It All (Bronze) - Hit yourself with every possible weapon.
Ka-boom (Bronze) - Destroy 30 cars with the missile.
Jackpot (Bronze) - Unlock all cars in career.
Despot (Bronze) - Be the king for most of the race.
Champion (Bronze) - Complete all career missions.
All-round (Bronze) - Win in each of the three modes.
Academy Award (Bronze) - Rise from the last spot 5 seconds before the finish.
Enough Dying Maybe? (Bronze) - Die a hundred times.
Epic Fail (Bronze) - Be the leader and lose it all 5 seconds before the finish.
I can do it (Bronze) - Kill the opponent with each weapon but the slime.
Good evening! (Bronze) - Join an online party.
Free Fall (Bronze) - Spend 2 seconds in the air.
360 NO SCOPE (Bronze) - Do a NO SCOPE, while doing a 360.
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