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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Plays Well With Others (Bronze) - Played your first Player Match.
Of Critical Importance (Bronze) - Won using an Extended Critical Heart.
Rank and File (Bronze) - Won your first Ranked Match.
Run Silent, Run Deep (Bronze) - Kept one of the Arcana of Darkness's attacks on-screen for at least ten seconds.
Spear of Destiny (Bronze) - Successfully used "Claiomh" three times in a single battle.
No Train No Gain (Bronze) - Practiced for 15 minutes straight in Training Mode.
Mycana, not Ourcana (Bronze) - Used all of the Arcana.
It's Moving... (Bronze) - Unlocked all of the link animations in Gallery Mode.
*Mumble* *Mumble* (Bronze) - Rolled snake-eyes while using "Mitra".
Love Conquers ALL! (Bronze) - Absorbed thirty attacks using "Rox Kyklos" in a single battle.
Mr. Bubbles! (Bronze) - Used "Pluvia" to evade twenty attacks in a single fight.
Storybook Ending (Bronze) - Finished Story Mode.
Synchro Rate: 100% (Bronze) - Used Spirit of Tyr Gottfried's Extended Force ten times in a single battle.
When the Pupil is Ready, the Master will Appear (Bronze) - Summoned Mildred ten times.
Voice of Hope and Reason (Bronze) - Executed a 50-hit combo using only the special moves and super moves of the Arcana of Sound.
With Our Powers Combined! (Bronze) - Won using Arcana Blaze.
You Only Have Eyes for Me! (Bronze) - MAX!!!!!ed out a character's LP level.
You've Got the POWER! (Bronze) - Charged one segment of the Arcana Gauge using "Energeia" in a single battle.
Unblockable Hellfire (Bronze) - Successfully used "Cao Huo Jiang" E button attack to break through an opponent's guard.
Un-Natural Female Enhancement (Bronze) - Executed an Extended Blast while guarding.
Tag! You're It! (Bronze) - Kept a single "Sicilis" attack on-screen for at least ten seconds.
The Snow Queen (Bronze) - Unleash at least one hundred crystals in a single battle using the Arcana of Ice.
The Three (Five?) Stooges (Bronze) - Used "Organon" or "Symposio" to whack an opponent three times on the head.
Throw Down the Gauntlet. (Bronze) - Played your first Ranked Match.
If That's What You Think, Then Good For You! (Bronze) - Created a Super-Duper Awesome Title in Network Mode.
It's Okay to Bust that Ghost, Right?! (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Fiona in Time Attack Mode.
Divine Intervention (Bronze) - Healed two thousand health in a single battle using "Baptism".
Afterimage (Bronze) - Blocked three attacks using "Jinsen no I" in a single battle.
I...I Just Couldn't Look Away... (Bronze) - Experienced the bad ending in Story Mode.
Fear no Foe! (Bronze) - Played in 50 Ranked Matches.
Critically Acclaimed (Bronze) - Won using Critical Heart.
Corruption (Bronze) - Dealt 5,000 damage in one fight using the Arcana of Evil's poison effect.
Blessing of the Bodhi Tree (Bronze) - Recovered two thousand health in a single round using the powers of the Arcana of Nature.
Bronze Arcana (Bronze) - Obtained all bronze medals in Trial Mode with one character.
Ah, the Smell of Napalm! (Bronze) - Used an explosion from "Speed Cannon-Berger" to deflect an opponent's attack.
Chillin' in the Hot Spring! (Bronze) - Finished the AFTER Story Mode.
7 Deadly Sins (Bronze) - Used the Arcana of Sin's passive ability, special attack, super attack, and Arcana blaze.
Forced Bravado (Bronze) - Took fifteen thousand points of damage during a single extend force without getting knocked back using the Arcana of Earth.
I Remember EVERYTHING! (Bronze) - Unlocked all of the "Memories" side-stories.
I Was Just Looking! (Bronze) - Unlocked all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode.
...Meet Irresistible Force (Bronze) - Successfully used " Sinij" E button attack to break through an opponent's guard.
I am Become Death... (Bronze) - Defeated Parace L'Sia in Trial Mode.
Hey, No Peeking! (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared away all of that annoying steam during the hot spring event.
Harvest Festival (Bronze) - Harvested five fruits created by "Maboroshi no Hana" and "Yume no Hana".
...Sincerest Form of Flattery (Bronze) - Saw every version of "Phasma" and "Phantasia".
Archangel (Bronze) - Used all of the characters.
Good Morning, Angels (Bronze) - Fought and defeated all the characters in Network Mode.
God is Dead... (Bronze) - Defeated Kamui in Survival Score Attack Mode.
You're the Only One for Me (Silver) - Viewed all of the unique character-related pre-fight animations.
Faster! Faster! Go Go GO! (Silver) - Cleared Time Attack Mode within 20 minutes.
Just Getting Started, Buddy! (secret) (Silver) - Played in 100 Ranked Matches.
Silver Arcana (Silver) - Obtained all silver medals in Trial Mode with one character.
Storybook Ending X-TREME (Silver) - Finished Story Mode on the highest difficulty.
Over Before it Began...? (Gold) - Cleared Time Attack Mode within 10 minutes.
Gold Arcana (Gold) - Obtained all gold medals in Trial Mode with one character.
Threads of Fate Bind Us Together (secret) (Platinum) - Conquered the beast that is Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!
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