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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Basic Training (Bronze) - Complete the introduction training level.
My First Spacesuit (Bronze) - Unlock one of the extra Spacesuits.
Galaxy Explorer (Bronze) - Unlock 20 levels.
3 Million Total Score (Bronze) - Get a combined total score of 3 million on all levels.
UFO (Bronze) - Unlock the UFO upgrade.
Universe Explorer (Silver) - Unlock all the levels.
Wardrobe Complete (Silver) - Unlock all of the extra Spacesuits.
Cleansed (Silver) - Complete all the adventure levels. The blue ones!
2 Million Individual Score (Silver) - Score 2 milion on any single level.
30 Million Total Score (Silver) - Get a combined total score of 30 million on all levels.
All the Medals (Gold) - Easy! Collect all the medals.
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