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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlock Trophies
Into the Kill Zone (Bronze) - Kill 20 aliens with one sentry gun.
Shattered (Bronze) - Smash 10 windows.
Sunny Side Up? (Bronze) - Kill an alien egg using the melee attack.
K.I.A. (Bronze) - Locate the bodies of Vance and Barnes.
At Your Mercy (Bronze) - Kill a stunned alien with a Frag Grenade.
Networking (Bronze) - Complete any co-op assault map over PlayStation Network.
Seasoned Squaddie (Bronze) - Complete any multiplayer level.
Lost? (Bronze) - Access the map screen.
Recon Unit (Bronze) - Complete any single player level with the waypoints turned off.
Hard Up? (Bronze) - Sell any item.
The Initiated (Bronze) - Complete the prologue on any difficulty level.
Bigger is Better (Bronze) - Purchase any weapon upgrade.
Bigger Isn't Always Better? (Bronze) - Kill a sentry gun with the Blaster.
Version 2.0 (Bronze) - Purchase an item upgrade.
Grave Robber (Bronze) - Collect 50 items or weapons from human corpses.
Exploding Fist (Bronze) - Kill 3 burster aliens with one melee attack.
Regicide (Silver) - Destroy the alien queen.
Survivors (Silver) - Achieve a time of 8 minutes or better on any multiplayer survivor map.
Survivor (Silver) - Stay alive for 8 minutes or better on any of the Survivor mode single player levels.
Systems Crash (Silver) - Kill Mia.
Tank (Silver) - Take 200 damage without dying on 'Determination' single player mission.
The Informed (Silver) - Collect all logs through out the game.
Light 'em up! (Silver) - Kill 5 aliens with one shot of Project X.
Frag-master (Silver) - Use a Frag Grenade to kill 10 aliens at the same time.
Exterminator (Silver) - Kill 1,000 aliens in single player.
Battle-hardened (Silver) - Complete all single player levels 1-5.
Hidden Treasure (Silver) - Find all 'secret' collectibles.
Meat Grinder (Silver) - Kill 250 aliens on any of the Survivor mode multi player levels.
Immobilised (Silver) - Use a stun grenade to stun 10 aliens at the same time.
Idle Sentries (Silver) - Finish any level with five Sentry guns in your inventory.
Can't Get Enough (Gold) - Complete the prologue, all single player, co-op assault and survivor maps.
Elite Unit (Gold) - Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.
Hardcore (Gold) - Complete any single player level using only the Blaster and Grenades.
More Speed, Less Haste (Gold) - Complete 'Vengeance' single player level on Veteran mode in 17 minutes or less.
The Completionist (Platinum) - Each and every trophy has been awarded. Congratulations!
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