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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Bonus Unlockables
Introductory Car Videos - Complete the story mode with ranks B or above in order to unlock the introductory videos for all the cars in the game.
Bunta - Successfully complete Story Mode defeating Ryosuke to unlock Bunta as an opponent in Versus Mode.
Bunta in Arcade Mode - After you've beaten everyone in Arcade Mode, you will unlock Takumi Fujiwara on Irohazaka Downhill. After you've beaten him, you will unlock more racers and maps. After you've beaten everyone, you will unlock the last boss Bunta Fujiwara on Akina Downhill.
Extra Racers and Stages in Arcade Mode - Play arcade mode and beat every single character. After doing so, Takumi will be unlocked for you to race against in Happogahara. Beat Takumi, and you will unlock 5 extra courses in which you re-race certain opponents (i.e. Skyline, Sleighty, etc.) in their story mode courses instead of their lower difficulty levels from before.
Bunta's Subaru Impreza - Defeat Bunta during story mode with at least a "B" rank to unlock his Impreza WRX STi Version V at the Subaru section.
Bunta's GC8V - Defeat Bunta in Story Mode (Stage 31). After beating him, the GC8V will be available in car manufacturer section under Subaru.
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