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There are 2 cheats for this game available for download... download page!
Get Money/Experience
Use Notepad to edit "\UserData\SRGrandPrix05.cch" file in the game install dir (make a backup first). Find the following lines and edit them the way you want. Then save the changes, and start the game:


Get Money and All Cars
Go to main menu and pick any of the two race car classes. Now go to "Control" and start a test run (it doesn't matter what track you select). In debrief section of the menu, a chatbox will show up. In that box, type ISI_BABYFACTORY (case-sensitive) and click OK to send it. Exit the race and you'll see that you're left with way more money (approx. 1-2 billion depending on which class you selected) and most (maybe all) cars. NOTE: You must re-enter this code for each car class if you want to use it for both of them.
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