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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
100 Kills - 100 cumulative kills.
Aced - Been informed that you're an ace!
Bomb a Truck - Bomb a truck in a bombing mission.
Captain - Reached rank of Captain.
Complete Without Roll Back - Complete the game without using the roll back.
Destroy Air Attackers - Destroy all air attacking planes in a single bombing mission.
Dogfight Kill All Enemies - Kill all enemies in a dogfight mission.
Game Completed - Completed the game on normal difficulty.
Hard Game Completed - Completed the whole game on hard mode.
Kill All Strafe Targets - Destroy all the targets in a strafing mission.
Land Damaged - Land a damaged plane in a dogfight mission.
Lieutenant Colonel - Reached rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
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