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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
A Waltz to Remember - Dance with Rania.
Au Revoir - Escape the Paris police.
Case the Joint - Investigate the palace.
Cleanup Crew - Went in disguised as a maintenance team.
Cursed - Succumb to the Curse of the Black Cat.
Double Cross That Bridge - Double crossed Bouchard.
Formula One - Escape the city.
Frontal Assault - Went in through the front door.
Honor Among Thieves - Revealed Ludomir Ivankov.
I'll Never Join You - Refused to join Bouchard.
Last Tango in San Castellano - Dance with Nick.
Memories of Istanbul - Start a romance with Rania.
Memories of Venice - Start a romance with Nick.
Notorious - Become the world's most famous jewel thief.
Over the Top - Went in over the garden wall.
That Bastard! - Discover Nick's true identity.
The Aristocrat - Charmed the Duke.
The Artist - Charmed the heir.
The Burglar - Recruit Le Roux.
The Con Man - Recruited Nick.
The Great Escape - Escape the palace.
The Hacker - Recruit Nora.
The Philanthropist - Charmed the Duchess.
The Prize - Steal the Black Cat.
The Soldier - Recruit Rania.
Unlikely Allies - Teamed up with Bouchard.
You Like Me Because I'm a Scoundrel - Started a romance with Bouchard.
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