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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
Apprentice Alchemist - Mix a total of 10 potions.
Apprentice Wizard - Cast 25 spells.
Archmage - Cast 500 spells.
Backstabber - Defeat a monster with a backstab attack.
Booty Addict - Dig up three treasure chests.
Cartographer - Visit all levels.
Castle Crasher - Enter the Castle.
Chop Chop - Find Bane.
Code Cracker - Open the door to the Archives.
Doin' It Old School - Complete the game with old school mode.
Dragon Slayer - Defeat the Lindworm.
Elementary - Collect an elemental essence.
Enlightenment - Enter the Shrine of Balance.
Expert - Max out a skill.
Explorer - Visit 10 levels.
Extreme Gardening - Defeat the Viper Roots.
Fist Fighter - Deal a killing blow with unarmed attack.
Full Monty - Kill a monster by throwing pants at it.
Fumigation - Defeat Herder's Den.
Gluttony - Reach level 10 with a farmer.
Go the Extra Mile - Travel 10,000 tiles.
Golden Boy - Open 5 gold locks.
Gotta Go Fast - Summon the Viper Roots in under 6 minutes.
Guru - Max out three skills.
Hallowed Ground - Open the gate to the Cemetery.
Hard as a Rock - Collect and wear full set of Meteor armor (6 pieces).
Hard Boiled - Complete the game with hard difficulty setting.
Having a Gneiss Time - Defeat the Summon Stones.
Holy Diver - Dive 250 tiles.
I Have the Power! - Collect and wear archmage's uniform (4 pieces).
Identity Crisis - Polymorph 10 times.
Insane Ironman - Complete the game with Ironman and Single-use Crystals modes turned on.
Island Master - Enter the Nexus.
Like a Shadow - Collect and wear rogue's wardrobe (5 pieces).
Marksman - Perform 500 missile or throwing weapon attacks.
Master Alchemist - Mix a total of 50 potions.
Master of the Elements - Collect four elemental essences.
Master Wizard - Cast 250 Spells.
Mine Sweeper - Enter the Crystal Mines.
Monster Killer - Kill 250 monsters.
Pest Control - Defeat the Ratling Boss.
Piece of the Pie - Find the pie.
Relic - Find the Relic.
Rest in Peace - Defeat the Wormbound brothers.
Rodman - Catch 25 fish.
Sage - Learn 15 spells.
Secret Searcher - Find 50 secrets.
Secret Sniffer - Find 25 secrets.
Secret Spotter - Find 10 secrets.
Seeker of Secrets - Find all secrets.
Shiniest Knight of Them All - Collect and wear full set of Crystal armor (6 pieces).
Skull Snatcher - Find 8 skulls.
Snake Charmer - Enter the Pyramid of Umas.
Specialist - Perform 100 power attacks.
Swordsman - Perform 500 melee weapon attacks.
Telefragged - Kill a monster by teleporting on it.
Treasure Hunter - Dig up all treasure chests.
Turn off the Heat - Defeat a Magma Golem.
Unstoppable - Kill a monster with a single blow.
Watcher of the Skies - Assemble the Meteor Hammer.
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