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There are 3 cheats for this game available for download... download page!
Cheat Mode
To bring up your "Commands bar", press the [C] key. This can also be changed in your settings to any key you want. When the "Commands" bar pops up, type these codes below. This only works for single-player mode. You also have to enable cheats when creating a new world.

ascend - Moves you to the next platform above your position.
atlantis <on/off> - Toggles "Atlantis Mode".
biome - Tells you what biome you are currently in.
bring <entity> - Brings a specified entity to you.
cannon <strength> - Shoots a primed TNT block toward where you're pointing.
chest <drop/get/fill/swap> - Access commands of chests.
firedamage - Toggles player fire damage on/off.
flammable <block> [catch/spread] - Sets the specified block at a specified flammability level.
fly <speed> - Allows the player to fly at a specified speed.
freeze - Freezes mobs so they can't move or attack you.
goto <name> - Go to a waypoint.
grow - Grows all wheat and spruce trees on the map.
heal <health points> - Heals the player at a specified number of health points.
health <min/max/infinite> - Refills health to a specified level.
help <command name> - Gives more information on the specified command.
home - Teleport to the spawn point.
infiniteitems - Toggles infinite items on/off.
instantkill - Instantly kills the animal or monster you hit.
instantmine - Toggles "instant mine" on/off.
instantplant - Instantly grows what you plant.
itemdamage - Toggles breakage or usage of an item on/off.
jump - moves you from where you are to where you're pointing.
clear - Clears the console.
clearwater - Toggles the clarity of the water on/off.
clone <amount> - Clones the block being pointed at.
confuse <distance> - Confuses mobs.
cyclepainting - Cycles through the painting you are pointing at.
damage - Toggles player damage on/off.
defuse - Defuse all nearby TNT that is active.
descend - Moves you to the next platform below your position.
destroy - Destroys the current item.
difficulty <0/1/2/3> - Toggles difficulty from 0 (Peaceful), 1 (Easy), 2 (Medium), and 3 (Hard).
dropstore - Transfers everything from your inventory to a chest, which is spawned next to you.
duplicate - Duplicates and drops the current item stack you're holding.
explode - Sets off an explosion in your area.
falldamage - Toggles player fall damage on/off.
keepitems - Keeps your items after you die.
kill - Kills the current player.
killall <mob type> - Kills a specified type of mob.
killnpc <all/animal/monster> - Kills specified living things nearby.
light - Toggles permanent lighting on/off.
listwaypoints - Lists all waypoints on the map.
longerlegs - Makes your legs longer.
mobdamage - Mobs can't give you damage.
platform - Puts a glass block under your feet.
rename <command name> <newname> - Renames a command name to a new command name of your choice.
ride - Allows you to ride the living creature you are pointing at.
setspawn <x-coordinate> <y-coordinate> <z-coordinate> - Sets the spawn point to a specified coordinate.
setspeed <speed/reset> - Sets the speed in which the player moves to a specified speed/resets it.
skin <username> - Change the player skin to any Minecraft skin.
slippery <block name> - Makes the specified blocks slippery.
spawn <name/ID/random/list> <quantity> - Spawns an individual creature.
spawnportal - Spawns a portal nearby.
superheat - Turns all items into their smelted form. Ex. - Sand turns into glass.
tele <x-coordinate> <y-coordinate> <z-coordinate> - Teleport to a specified coordinate.
useportal - Automatically teleports you to the Nether. Use this command again to go back.
waterdamage - Toggles player water damage on/off.
weather <lightning/thunder/rain> - Changes the weather.
world <load/save/seed/new/exit/list/backup> - Controls your game save from the "Command" bar.

Glitch: Endless Water Supply
Dig a 2 by 2 square hole and empty two water buckets in the opposite corners. This will create a infinite amount of water!

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