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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
Archmage - Complete quest with 100+ Magic.
Ironman - Complete quest using only starting equipment.
Long Shot - Hit enemy from 20+ spaces away.
Loveable Rogue - Have 8+allies at one time.
Backstabber - Betray 20+ allies in one quest.
Bloodthirsty - Deal 50+ damage with a single blow.
Bowmaster - Complete quest with 100+ Ranged.
Collector - Collect 30+ characters.
Conscientious Objector - Complete a level without making an attack.
Iron Heart - Take 50+ damage from a single hit and survive.
Toy Soldier - Miss with 10+ consecutive attacks.
Turtle - Complete quest with 30+ Defence.
Swordsmith - Complete quest with 100+ Melee.
Tomb Raider - Collect 8+ artifacts.
Ultimate Warrior - Complete quest with 100+ Melee, Ranged, and Magic, 30+ Defence, and 200+ Health.
Untouchable - Complete quest with 200+ Health.
Wooden Spoon - Die in less than 20 turns.
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