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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
A Fallen Friend - Discover a shocking loss.
Advanced Voodoo Studies - Sit through the Voodoo lecture.
At First Sight - Meet Malia Gedde.
Breaking and Entering - Get inside Mosely's Office.
Checkmate! - Help Sam improve his game.
Coffin Rigger - Hide the tracker.
Compelling Evidence - Change Mosely's mind about the Voodoo Murders Case.
Dragon Fire - Complete the intiation ceremony.
Enlightened Day Eight - Complete Day 8.
Every Good Castle Has a Secret Passage - Open a secret door.
Express Elevator to Hell - Enter the secret Voodoo Hounfour.
Eyes of the Snake - Witness a chilling death.
Family History - Read Gunter's journal.
Feverish Day Five - Complete Day 5.
Fortune's Son - Have your fortune told.
Frantic Day Four - Complete Day 4.
Gotta Get 'Em All - Collect all the tiles.
Grandma's Boy - Compliment Gran as thoroughly as she deserves.
Identity Thief - Obtain a false ID.
Keeping the Beat - Decode the rada drum message.
Knotty Day Nine - Complete Day 9.
Making An Impression - Make a jewelry mold.
Master Schattenjäger - Complete with game with a full score of 362 points.
Mercy is the Better Part of Valor - Try to save Malia.
Mime After Mime - Get rid of the cop in Jackson Square.
No Mercy - Don't try to save Malia.
Novice Schattenjäger - Complete the game with less than 362 points.
Now You're Speaking My Language! - Leave your own Voodoo code message.
Optimistic Day One - Complete Day 1.
Paper Trail - Complete your research.
Pitfall Harry Would Be Proud! - Get past the mummies like a true adventurer!
Secret Decoder Ring - Translate a mysterious code.
Sit Back and Enjoy the Show - Take in a snake dance performance.
Slithering Day Six - Complete Day 6.
Snake Attack! - Survive the deadly python.
Snake Hunter - Find a clue at Lake Pontchartrain.
Solemn Day Seven - Complete day 7.
Solo Mission - Enter the ceremony alone.
Southern Charmer - Excessive flirting!
Stalking 101 - Find Madame Cazaunoux's address.
Star-crossed Lovers - Have a fated run-in.
Storms Ahead - Read the Paper on Day 1.
Strength in Numbers - Enter the ceremony with back-up.
Tempting Day Three - Complete Day 3.
The Shadow Hunters - Have a long chat with Wolfgang.
Three Dragons - Find the secrets of Granddaddy's Clock.
Triumphant Day Ten - Complete Day 10.
Twisty Day Two - Complete Day 2.
Unauthorized Copy - Get a copy of the Voodoo Murders File.
Voodoo Studies 101 - Exhaust Dr. John on the topic of Voodoo.
What a Croc! - Make a large purchase from Willy.
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