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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
Basic Training - Win a game with the Escape Pod.
Bookworm - Win a game with the Library Pod.
Champions' League - Win a game with each hero.
Dexterous - Kill each type of mob 50 times.
Dust Hoarder - Never lose Dust in a winning game.
Endless Mining - Reach the 24th floor with the Drill Pod.
Everybody Goes Home - Never lose a hero in a winning game.
Graduated Med School - Win a game with the Infirmary Pod.
Guns 'n Glory - Win a game with the Armory Pod.
HR Boss - Own 4 heroes in the team for the first time.
I Could Quit If I Wanted To - Open 10,000 doors.
Maxed Out - Level up a hero to level 15 for the first time.
Medpack Addict - Spend 1,000 Food by healing heroes in a single game.
Mr Cleaner - Win a game with the Sanitary Pod.
Onward and Upward - Complete the first floor for the first time in a multiplayer game.
Out of the Cold - Win a game with the Refreezerator Pod.
Real Heroes Don't Pause - Never use pause in a winning game.
Rocket Scientist - Research all the modules (lvl 4).
Science Fair Winner - Research all the modules (lvl 1) in a winning game.
Team Builder - Unlock a hero for the first time.
The Other Great Escape - Win a multiplayer game.
Too Much Is Not Enough - Build 50 modules in a single floor.
Waste Not Want Not - Stock 300 cumulated FIS.
What's Behind Every Door? - Open each door in each floor in a winning game.
Yearbook Editor - Complete the Album.
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