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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
All hell breaks loose - Fire a total of 10,000 rounds.
Blind as a bat - Hit 5 enemies with the same Flashbang.
Cell Crusher - Fully Complete campaign 3.
Community Server - Fully Complete campaign 1.
Counter Terrorists Win - Defuse 100 bombs.
Door Kicker - Breach 400 doors.
Drug Buster - Fully Complete campaign 2.
Elite Task Force - Get two stars in every Single Mission.
Hands in the air - Arrest 100 enemies.
Hardcore - Win a campaign in Iron Man Mode.
Hunker down! - Have a shield unit kill three enemies without moving.
I've seen it all - Level-up a trooper to maximum level.
Just one more - Complete 150 missions.
Keep Walking - Walk total 10,000 meters.
Lifesavers - Complete a mission arresting 6 or more bad guys and without killing any.
Lone Wolf - Get 30 One Man Army Medals.
Manhunt - Kill 1,000 enemies.
Quick Thinker - Get 30 No Pause Medals.
Special Weapons and Tactics - Get one star in every Single Mission.
Strategist - Get 30 Perfect Plan Medals.
Swift and Deadly - Kill 10 bad guys within 5 seconds, without letting them fire a shot.
Textbook Material - Get three stars in all Single Missions.
The Daimaju - Have your entire team killed at roughly the same time after unpausing the game, within seconds of mission start.
Total Luck - Defuse a bomb with less then 1 second left.
We know it all - Level-up your squad to maximum level.
We unlocked it all - Unlock all equipment / weapons.
We've seen it all - Have a squad of fully leveled up troopers.
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