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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
A Ness-essary Purchase - Buy a baseball bat from Humble Brian.
Almost Forgot! - Give mom some money to save the farm.
Ambitious Rider - Attempt to ride your horse on the Snake Tail River.
Angry Mob - Equip a four-character party with pitchforks.
Avid Collector - Have 40 different kinds of materials in your inventory.
Best Medicine - Complete Mad Man Mitch's quest.
Bronco Shuffle - Use "Trip" a dozen times.
Burn Out - Allow an enemy to be defeated from an "on fire" ailment.
Comforting Conversation - Speak to Higgins Comfort multiple times.
Depth Perception - Defeat Scorpion Saint in the past.
Desert Skags' Reward - Get new hats from the Desert Skags.
Easter Bunny - Hold 50 eggs.
Farming Master - Pluck materials from 50 animals.
Fire Dance - Defeat Burning Crow in the past.
First Headware - Put on your hat, say goodbye, and venture out into the world.
Four Heroes Playing - Have four players play Boot Hill Heroes.
Getting Away Again?! - Watch Monty escape once more...
Good Tactics (Or High Level) - Defeat an enemy without getting hit.
Great Performance! - Complete Moon's performance in the circus show.
Grin and Bear It - Defeat the Blue Dwarf Bear.
Hatrocity Averted - Save Kickstart Creek.
Have Gun Will Travel - Meet the bounty hunter called Doc.
Impawssible Victory - Defeat Razor Paw.
Is There a Doctor in the House? - Get a four character party entirely full of wounds.
Ivan to Believe! - Defeat Ivan the Strongman.
Let Nothing Go to Waste - Earn seven dropped materials from a battle.
Lion Down on the Job - Defeat an escaped Lion.
Locke'd and Loaded - Defeat Dean Locke in the past.
Missed a Turn at Albuquerque? - Get hopelessly lost in Fool's Feast.
More Than a Little Problem - Defeat Creed Little in the past.
Now That's a KNOIFE! - Imbue your hunting knife for Dreaming Lark.
Once More for Old Time's Sake - Defeat Monty Spades in the past.
Perked up - Have a four character party completely full of perks.
Popular - Get "Licked" a dozen times.
Pumped Up - Max out a "Pump" attack.
Rodeo Gal - Meet firecracker rodeo gal, Rosy Garrett.
Role Model - Defeat all the bullies in Mrs. Mowry's classroom.
See You Next Fall! - Fall out of the cinnabar mines.
Shape of Darkness - Defeat Coyote Saint in the past.
Something Greater... - Listen to Doc in the Whisker Woods.
Sound of Thunder - Defeat Stampede Sally in the past.
Spiritual Connection - Encounter the Chepakwik Princess, Moon Dancer.
Super Star - Get a 4x Star Shot on an enemy.
Supreme Strategist - Throw a log at an enemy.
The Search Begins... - Set out to track down the Saints-Little Gang.
The Truth Revealed - Learn the terrible secret behind the attack on Ashwood.
To Be Continued... - Complete the first act of this saga.
Tuco Where No Man Has Gone Before - Defeat Tuco Delgado in the past.
Two Best Friends Play - Have two players play Boot Hill Heroes.
Varmint King - Defeat the Weezler and rid the barn of varmints.
Waking Up - Open your eyes and begin your adventure!
You Otter Know - Learn all you can from the mysterious "Ottor".
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