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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Achievements (Steam)
10,000 points! - Collect over 10,000 points in Diamond Rush.
100! - Collect 100 diamonds!
1,000 Diamonds collected! - Good job!
C:\LGR - Hopefully Lazy Game Reviews will review this game one day.
Congratz! - You passed the tutorial, now let the game begin.
Don't stop believing. - DON'T STOP...
Dynamic duo - When 2 blobs meet.
Floor is lava - Challenge accepted!
Game Over - No continues left, please try again.
Golden coin - You found the golden coin.
Hat collector - Pick up your first non-tutorial hat.
It's not over! - Feel the wrath of the robot.
JosPlays - Jos approves. Do you?
Joyrider Of Your Consumer Electronics - Steal the UFO and go for a flight.
Let's go home - It's time to go home.
Maybe i'm Billy Joel - Sing us a song, you're the piano man.
My name is... - Maris!?
Nobody cared until I put on the mask - Nobody knows who I am.
Nothing can stop Blob now - Challenge accomplished!
Old wise man - You transformed into the old wise man.
Prison break - Escape the lab prison.
RAGE QUIT! - I didn't know you could die during the tutorial.
Retro Blob - You completed Retro Blob #1.
Retro Blob 2.0 - You completed Retro Blob #2.
Shouldn't you be asleep by now? - We're not responsible for any nightmares.
The story has been told - Listen to the robot.
The very bad ending - Life doesn't always have a happy ending.
Very nice! - Very nice haircut!
You cracked the code - 0100001101101111011011100110011101110010011000010111010001111010.
You shouldn't be here! - Please leave now.
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