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Unlock Items
5D's Standard Disk - Complete the Game.
Blackbird - S Rank on all Battle Royale.
Duel Phantom (Duel Runner Frame) - Talk to the broken Ghost with Misaki as your partner.
Leather Top and Bottom Set (Yusei's Outfit) - Found behind Team 5D's Garage.
Leo's Custom Disk - Outside of Sector Security.
Lucky Key - Talk to the guy behind Team 5D's garage and choose the right box.
DWE-CG - Talk to Klaus post-game.
Golden Shield Disk - Talk to Ransborg post-game, and complete his event.
King Replica Model - Talk to Jack Post-game.
KPC-000 - 4th Floor of Apartment, must have Lucky Key.
Speed Spell - Deceased Synchron - Can be found as a Blue card on Battle Royal Race.
Different Facial Expressions - Duel Torunka and Win.
DWE-X - Talk to Jack and complete his event.
Lambda Frame - Talk to Mina with Misaki as your partner and complete her event postgame.
Suit Style - 4th Floor of Apartment, must have Lucky Key.
Wheel of Fortune - S Rank on all Battle Races.
Yusei-Go - S Rank on all Time Races.
Missing Ring - See Spirit World.
Stuffy Collar Shirt - See Spirit World.
The Spirit World - To Access the Spirit World, Duel all 3 Computer Ghosts.
Waiter Outfit - Talk to Stephanie and complete her event.

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