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There is 1 cheat for this game available for download... download page!
Cheat Codes
Enter the following codes at the Password screen:

BLUE736296 - Unlock the Blue Ranger's Mega Mode.
PINK987326 - Unlock the Pink Ranger's Mega Mode.
RED1826359 - Unlock the Red Ranger's Mega Mode.
GOLD842245 - Unlock the Gold Ranger's Mega Mode.
GREEN85452 - Unlock the Green Ranger's Mega Mode.
YELLOW8649 - Unlock the Yellow Ranger's Mega Mode.
BOW9999950 - Boost Ranger Symbol Power.
BLADE10001 - Boost Ranger Defense.
CYCLE95627 - Boost the effects of Symbol Power Recovery Items.
CYCLE98635 - Boost the effects of Health Recovery Items.
DEKER77530 - Boost Deker's power.
MEGAZORD56 - Boost power of all Megazords.
MORPHER854 - Boost power of all minor enemies.
SMASHER000 - Boost Ranger Attack.
OCTO729483 - Counter attacks with timed blocking.
SHOGUN1867 - Lengthen Secret Disc spin time.
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