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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Game Center Achievements
Addicted (10) - Play for one hour straight.
AfterLife (5) - Complete level after falling from the board.
Collect 500 Stars! (15) - Collect 500 stars.
Crowd Pleaser (10) - Collect 5,000 points with a single combo.
Desert Paradise Completed (15) - Complete "Desert Paradise" Pack.
Desert Paradise Unlocked (10) - Complete "Extreme Skies" to unlock "Desert Paradise" Pack.
Extreme Skies Completed (15) - Complete "Extreme Skies" Pack.
Extreme Skies Unlocked (10) - Complete "Stadium Stunts" Pack to unlock "Extreme Skies".
Falcon (5) - Fly for seven seconds and land with style.
Grabs Unlocked (5) - Unlock Grabs so you can perform Tail Grab, Nose Grab and Indy!
Graduation (5) - Complete Tutorials.
Great Performer (15) - Collect 7,000 points with a single combo.
Immortal (5) - Complete five levels without falling once.
Insane Hills Completed (15) - Complete "Insane Hills" Pack.
Mr Potato (5) - Dismember Stuntman.
Niinja Performer (20 Points) - Collect 10,000 points with a single combo.
Respected Stuntman (10) - Collect all stars from one world.
ShowOff (5) - Perform five different stunts in a single combo.
Stadium Stunts Complete (15) - Complete "Stadium Stunts" Pack.
Stadium Stunts Unlocked (10) - Complete "Insane Hills" Pack to unlock "Stadium Stunts".
SuperStar (15) - Collect all stars from two worlds.
TokenGhost (5) - Grab one token after death and then complete the level.
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