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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Apprentice - Complete 1,000 "Intermediate" puzzles.
Collection - Collect 3 stars in 2,000 puzzles.
Consistent Solver! - Get 2 stars from 4 puzzles in a row in Challenge Mode.
Expert - Complete 500 "Advanced" puzzles.
Fast Thinking - Solve a puzzle within 10 seconds.
First Time - Complete your first puzzle in Relax Mode.
Grand Master - Complete 400 "Expert" puzzles.
Great Start - Solve the first puzzle in all 5 puzzle packs in Relax Mode.
I'm a Genius! - Complete all "Expert" puzzles.
Make Them Harder! - Complete all "Advanced" puzzles.
More Difficulties Please! - Complete all "Intermediate" puzzles.
Novice - Complete 2,000 "Beginner" puzzles.
On A Row - Solve the first 5 puzzles in any puzzle pack in Relax or Challenge Mode.
Perfectionist - Collect 3 stars in 10,000 puzzles.
Puzzle Master - Solve a puzzle and get 3 stars in Challenge Mode.
Scraping By! - Get 1 star from 5 puzzles in a row in Challenge Mode.
So Easy! - Complete all "Beginner" puzzles.
Triple Perfect Free - Get 3 stars from 3 puzzles in a row in Challenge Mode.
Ultimate Collection - Collect 3 stars in 4,000 puzzles.
Unblock Me Addict - Complete all puzzles in both Relax Mode and Challenge Mode.
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