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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Unlimited Infinity Blades
First, you need to beat the game at least once and you have to master the Infinity Blade. Then, start from the begining and go through the whole tutorial until you are up to a long cut scene. You will verse the 1st major boss. After you beat her go to your inventory, switch from the Infinity Blade to any other wepon in your inventory. Sell the Infinity Blade and exit the inventory. Continue to the cut scene and right before Siris puts the Infinity Blade in the rock go to the inventory and you will see that you have the Infinity Blade again. After the cutscene ends there should be another cut scene. Right when it starts go to options and go to restart rebirth 1. It should start from the beginning of the tutorial. At the beginning of the tutorial the 2nd time if you used the right items (Nodus, Eridius, Seratic Armor, and Ring of Ice and Fire) you sould have 2 of all of them, sell them. If you did everything correctly you should have earned $381,068 every time you do this!
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