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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Brilliant Scholar - Research three Technologies to max Level.
Captain of Industry - Reach max Level for one of each type of Resource Building.
Chief Justice - Reach Level 30.
City Development I - Reach max Level for one type of City Building.
City Development II - Reach max Level for two types of City Buildings.
City Development III - Reach max Level for three types of City Buildings.
Councilor - Reached Level 3.
Diplomat - Join an Alliance.
Dragon Lord - Reach max Level for the Great Dragon.
Genius - Research all Technologies to max Level.
Glorious Capital - Reach max Level for all types of City Buidings.
Great Leader - Claim 75 Quests.
Growing Power I - Reached 1,000 Power.
Growing Power II - Reached 2,500 Power.
Growing Power III - Reached 10,000 Power.
Growing Power IV - Reached 25,000 Power.
Growing Power V - Reached 100,000 Power.
High Warden - Reached Level 6.
Impregnable Fortress - Reach max Level Fortress.
Journeyman Scholar - Research a Technology to max Level.
Legendary Leader - Claim 150 Quests.
Lictor - Reached Level 10.
Lieutenant General - Reach Level 20.
Production I - Built 5 Resource Buildings.
Production II - Built 10 Resource Buildings.
Production III - Built 15 Resource Buildings.
Production IV - Built 20 Resource Buildings.
Production V - Built 30 Resource Buildings.
Promising Leader - Claim 5 Quests.
Renowned Leader - Claim 30 Quests.
Renowned Scholar - Research two Technologies to max Level.
Respected Leader - Claim 15 Quests.
Scholar's Apprentice - Research every technology to at least Level 1.
Train Army - Train 5,000 Troops at the same time.
Train Brigade - Train 2,500 Troops at the same time.
Train Regiment - Train 1,000 Troops at the same time.
Train Warband - Train 250 Troops at the same time.
Trained Commander - Completed the Tutorial.
Victory over Grodz - Defeat Grodz in Campaign Mission 10.
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