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Cheat Mode
Enter these codes in at the Wonder Mail screen. It will unlock special missions for good prizes.

NOTE: "..." is one character. Also, the parts in the brackets ([,]) are the yellow parts of the code.

1 ? ? 9 4 w t ? 0 f 9 j n f ? 9 7 7 7 0 + 8 ? w - 500 Poke. I'm so worried about Ninoran(female) mission (both).
F?4N +WT? ?+6N FR?J F?66 85?W - Complete mission for 100 Poke and Roselia appears in the game.
X??S ??X? 468? *+?? 9756 SY?? - Complete mission for 400 Poke.
4?mx xkx? 14ph y??f k?6r mc?{female} - Complete mission for black gummi.
4 ? N (...) 7 (F) T ? 4 7 7 P 5 P ? C 2 4 7 0 ? R ? W - Complete Mission for Calm Mind + ?
??nm x60? 4?p6 h??2 k?70 cf?1 - Complete mission for facade (TM42) + (?)
X?7P *?+? ?xp6 RJ?Q FJC5 ?W?? - Complete mission for Feebas and Trawl Orb.
6?2y 5!+? 45n7 -!?f k4f5 !r?w - Complete mission for friend area.
5?2Y QW0? ?T0Q JC?[Male] FH16 WR?W - Complete mission for friend area Sky Blue Plains.
4?mf 87t? ?3n4 [Female]r?2 -?6r 8c?? - Complete mission for Max Elixer.
1?cx wkt? 468x ...!?y 0??6 05?{male} - Complete mission for power band.
1?kn 42x? ?+6{male} {male}h?f f460 5s?w - Complete mission for purple gummi.
1?kn 42x? ?+6[Male] [Male]h?f f460 5s?w - Complete mission for Purple Gummi.
4?1n 5!y? ?q6+ ps?f 8?60 ...{male}?w - Complete mission for red gummi + (?)
4?c0 w7+? 4+7j 55?9 f4?0 5s?t - Complete mission for special band + (?)
??1y 4!f? 01pc jf?9 -4?0 -j?w - Complete mission for weatherband + (?)
1?6PCPT?406(boy)2!?0+4?5Q9?? - Deliver an Apple to Spinarak on B3F. Difficulty:E Reward:100 Poke+?
4?KN5(girl)Y??QP56M?FM5?50T?W - Deliver TM Return to Furret on B9F. Difficulty:C Reward:Power Band.
1?5PJRS??M(...)(...)2J?!MM75M+?5 - Deliver TM Thunderbolt to Lunatone on 23F. Difficulty:B Reward:400 Poke+?
4?C(...)9!T?4?75(boy)X?(boy)0J608H?W - Escort Bagon to Starmie on B5F. Difficulty:B Reward:Max Elixer+?
??FNC!S??3651N?X8??0+K?W - Escort Forretress to Mankey on B2F. Difficulty:D Reward:Pecha Scarf+?
1?6N W!0? ?(...)6F 32?P F4?0 Q7?W - Escort Magmar to Metang. Difficulty : D
?6?Y4WY?2FNR?4?9PC?OQ(...)?W - Escort Nidorino to Nidorina on B71F. Difficulty:STAR Reward:700 Poke
46CY6KT?4N5KP(boy)??5N76S7?W - Find Absol on B98F. Difficulty:STAR Reward:TM Psychic+?
4?9(...)6(girl)T?4+7TJQ?4+J66(...)T?W - Find Azurill on B5F. Difficulty:C Reward:White Gummi.
4?7TQ5T?4X9NP!?39H?RQ9?3 - Find Cradily on 15F. Difficulty:B Reward:Reviver Seed.
4?M+24S??3NMJ4?S8R?641?? - Find Diglett on B6F. Difficulty:C Reward:Special Band.
??592QS??7SQ8N?MM77RMM?W - Find Mawile on 24F. Difficulty:B Reward:400 Poke+?
4?5F0?(...)??SPSY(boy)?(...)FJ?R4W?? - Find Parasect on B9F. Difficulty:C Reward:300 Poke+?
1?N-0JX?9F84Y??P2C?RRJ?F - Find Pidgey on 13F. Difficulty:A Reward:Heal Ribbon+?
4?CYJ1S?F(boy)NS(...)Q?!94?RN9?W - Find Solrock on 7F. Difficulty:D Reward:Gravelerock+?
1?M80MX?467C0!?P04?TNS?5 - Find the Blast Seed located on B5F. Difficulty:E Reward:Gravelerock.
??-W-(girl)Y?4?PW+F?(...)M4?6!5?W - Find Vileplume on 9F. Difficulty:C Reward:600 Poke+?
???WM1S?980!(girl)H?F467R0T?W - Find Wurmple on B18F. Difficulty:B Reward:400 Poke.
1?7C6CF??!91T3?9-N7RC??N - Makes Porygon 2 apear in Red.
4 ? m f 8 7 t ? ? 3 n 4 (female) r ? 2 - ? 6 r 8 c ? ? - Max elixir. Voltorb's accadent mission (both).
4?N(...) W3+? ??P? (m)M?P 2?60 M(...)?W - Mission to unlock Aipom.
F?J? 690? 4Q6C C!?? 8?66 8Q?(f) - Mission to unlock Lapras.
X??S??X?468? (f)+??9756SY?? - Mission to unlock Magicarp.
F?RP[F?(...)?]4+7? (...)R?H[64?0]R??? - Mission to unlock Minum.
F ? 5 N - Q F ? ? + 6 ! ? H ? ? F ?6 R 6 9 ? W - Mission to unlock Porygon2.
Line1: F?RP[F?...?]4+7? Line2: ...R?H[64?0]R??? - Unlock Mission to find Plusle and earn 400 Poke and a Heal Ribbon.
Line1: ??-F[H?F?]?3P? Line2: Q??+[8?76]t8?? - Unlock Mission to find Wigglytuff and earn 200 Poke and TM31 (BrickBreak).

Unlock Ability to Evolve your Pokemon
To gain the ability to evolve your pokemon you must beat Rayquazza. After you have beaten Rayquazza and the credits have rolled, you will gain access to Luminous Cave which is found at Whiscash Pond just north of the Pokemon Square. There will be a commotion in Pokemon Square prompting you to go there and learn about evolution. Then the next time you try to leave and go on any mission, your partner will stop you and tell you how to change leaders and travel using just one pokemon. Enter Luminous Cave with just the pokemon that you wish to evolve. The pokemon that you are evolving must meet the required level for evolution and in some cases might need an item such as a moon stone or sun stone. A link cable can also be used. To check if your pokemon is capable of evolution, check it's summary page and under evolution it will be Possible, Not Now, or No More.

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