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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
Cheat Mode
When you start the game, before you load your game, go to Wonder Mail and type in the passwords. (F) is the Female sign, and (M) is the male sign.

461F 0JT? 0+7X (...)Q?H RNN0 J(f)?Q - Unlocks Mime Jr. Figurine.
O?O9P(M)Y??+73+H?F+?2O4M?W - Gives you a job for Thunderwave Cave that unlocks Sky Blue Plains.
3?2N 82Y? 4Q83 41?(F) ...65R ...!?W - Gives you the Friend Area Boulder Cave.
0?05 760? 4WP4 KX?6 -?05 53?- - Gives you the Friend Area Mt. Moonview.
5?2YQW0??T0QJC?(M)FH16WR?W - Gives you the Friend Area Sky Blue Plains.
X?7P(F)?+??XP6RJ?QFJC5?W?? - Makes Feebas a wild Pokemon in Blue Rescue Team.
4??N 22...? ?Q6J H3?(M) 8470 JN?W - Makes Mantine appear as a wild Pokemon in Blue Rescue Team.
F?4N +WT? ?+6N FR?J F?66 85?W - Makes Roselia appear as a wild Pokemon in Blue Rescue Team.
F?J? 690? 4Q6C C!?? 8?66 8Q?(f) - Mission to unlock Lapras.
??7Y (f)1+? ?-PQ HC?M S6?0 +Q?W - Pecha Scarf(Frosty Forest 8F Rank B).
F?434?t?429H90?7H56R8K?(f) - Porygon appears in the wild.
4?9C 33+? ?M7- !P?X S466 C1?W - Silver Gummi(Silent Chasm B5F Rank D).
4?MJ 4PT? 0?7Q HF?9 0470 ?5?K - TM Roar(Mt. Thunder 5F Rank C).
F?CN 310? 4QR- PS?0 H67R M0?W - TM Torment + ?(Lapis Cave B10F Rank C).
X?7P(F)?+??XP6RJ?QFJC5?W?? - Unlock Feebas mission and Feebas will appear in the game.
4??N 22...? ?Q6J H3?(M) 8470 - Unlock Mantine mission and Mantine will appear in the game.
F?RPF?...??+7?CT?H64?0R??? - Unlock Minun mission and Minun will appear in the game.
F?4N+WT??+6N FR?J F?6685?W - Unlock Roselia mission and Roselia will appear in the game.
6?2+(F)40??QN3PC?Q8JO6SY?F - Unlocks Mt. Moonview Friend Area.
4?C... -1F? 43NJ MF?... 8J?T -W?W - Weather Band + ?(Near Uproar Forest B7F Rank C).
??7S 0NF? 4!M1 -2?(...) +MN0 J??Q - Weavile Fig Mission.
??7N 21X? ?Q64 0??Y 8460 ...R?W - White Gummi (Tiny Woods B3F Rank D).

Unlock Ability to Evolve your Pokemon
To gain the ability to evolve your pokemon you must beat Rayquazza. After you have beaten Rayquazza and the credits have rolled, you will gain access to Luminous Cave which is found at Whiscash Pond just north of the Pokemon Square. There will be a commotion in Pokemon Square prompting you to go there and learn about evolution. Then the next time you try to leave and go on any mission, your partner will stop you and tell you how to change leaders and travel using just one pokemon. Enter Luminous Cave with just the pokemon that you wish to evolve. The pokemon that you are evolving must meet the required level for evolution and in some cases might need an item such as a moon stone or sun stone. A link cable can also be used. To check if your pokemon is capable of evolution, check it's summary page and under evolution it will be Possible, Not Now, or Not Anymore.

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