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There are no cheats for this game available for download...
By meeting arbitrary conditions within the game, you will achieve the accolades designated in the Challenges menu.

A trip to the sky - Reach level 3.
A walk in the forest - Reach level 2.
An epic secret - Find the secret item.
An unexpected twist - Unlock Sparky Child.
Books also exist - Play the game for more than five cumulative hours.
Can I play with ... time? - Unlock Chronos Twins' Nec.
Crazy jumper - Jump more than 12,345 times.
Golden Cubit Invocator - Collect every "impossible" item.
Guru of the equilibrium - Finish level 5.
Hardcore Lord - Complete every one of the other 23 Challenges.
Highly extroverted - Crash into enemies more than 250 times.
I love zig-zags - Reach level 5.
Lord of the skies - Finish the final level.
Master of the (hard)core - Finish level 4.
My first date - Unlock the Cubit Girl.
My first star - Collect your first "impossible" item.
No longer a rookie - Achieve a high score greater than 500,000 points.
Reaching the core - Reach level 4.
Running through the sky - Reach level 6.
Seriously? - Play more than 1,500 games.
The closer - Finish every level.
The living dead - Die more than 1,000 times.
The void explorer - Fall into the void more than 250 times.
Thief of the sky - Pick up a star 3 times in a single game.
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